The MXMG team are a group of dedicated, professional and reasonably likeable men and women who each have many years experience in their field of expertise.

peel Peel Taggart Managing Director

Peel set up MXMG Ltd in 2000 and has developed the business and client base with stints in London, the Cote D'Azur and the Isle of Man. He has created web based management platforms for a range of large organisations, including: The F.A.; Amadeus - an international travel technology provider; Y.CO - an innovative, industry leading yacht management and brokerage company; and Vindis Group - a UK wide Audi, V.W., Skoda and Bentley dealership network. He created for fun and for 12BET, the global gaming company.

With a stage show that features guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors and baby dolls, Miles has drawn equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock to pioneer a grandly theatrical and violent brand of heavy metal that was designed to shock.

No, wait, that's Alice Cooper..

miles Miles Essex Creative Director

Mark lists his interests as PHP programming, HTML / CSS, MySQL Database, Javascript & AJAX, SEO & Semantic Design, Content Management Systems, E-commerce and Cooking - specifically, Lasagne.

He regrets that, "My old lasagne recipe was far too rich. The old recipe uses a lot of wine, and spends a very long time in the oven. This makes a lovely rich bolognaise but then, with the addition of the cheese and milk, it gets a bit too much."

mark Mark Williams Lead Developer

Olivia has worked for digital media companies since 1999, in between organising classic car rallies and travelling the world. As Senior Account Manager she oversees communication between our clients and the MXMG development team, to ensure that every detail of a project goes smoothly. She is fluent in both English and nerdspeak.

Olivia Olivia Lacey Senior Account Manager

With 15 years of experience in TV, Marc has teamed up with Peel again having graduated together from Warwick University in 1993 (Psychology).

A dedicated professional with a creative flair Marc has spent 13 years developing a broad and diverse skill set within the TV industry. An experienced location director who can always deliver innovative, eye catching and compelling material from the edit suite Marc was a key component of the award winning C4 cricket coverage.

Thereafter he oversaw the growth of commercial series in Online poker working closely with clients in producing TV solutions that balance a cost effective, high end TV product with compliancy issues and marketing strategies across multiple territories.

Working with some the best cameramen and editors in London he has produced 100+ promotional VTs and over 150 hours for commercial PSBs.

marc Marc Reeks Video Production

With 8 years of industry experience working in both design agencies, and as part of a Sales and Marketing team, Cara is passionate about her work, and used to working within tight deadlines, making sure jobs are delivered on time.

And slowly getting used to deciphering the creative 'direction' offered by Peel and Miles.

cara Cara Kerwin Graphic Designer

Andy graduated in Computer Systems Engineering from Warwick University in 1992.

After a stint on the Dell e-Commerce website he co-founded MXMG in 2000, where he oversaw projects ranging from AI text messaging through to mission critical workflow systems.

Andy leads a secret life as a rock star inĀ The Dials, and editsĀ The Bum Note Club.

andy Andy Taylor Developer

Richard has over 15 years' experience as a software architect.

Richard graduated in Computer Science at Cambridge University in 1992 and is currently training for his first marathon in 2014 and recently completed a 10Km race dressed as Spiderman.

richard Richard McGregor Developer

Peter is plugged in to Analytics software for most of his waking hours, and researching developments in the search industry when taking his breaks.

He is an integral part of the new build team, ensuring each site is built with SEO at the heart of it's objectives. He also has years of experience running Pay Per Click campaigns, ensuring clients get the very best value from the money spent, in terms of both volume and quality of traffic.

peter Peter Fisher Internet Marketing & SEO