How to write the perfect Meta Title

The Meta Title is the most important part of the page for search engines. It should sum up the page’s content and theme as accurately as possible. Use one short sentence, and aim at under 55 characters to prevent Google shortening it. Rather than listing keywords, write in readable English that tells the searcher exactly what they will click through to.

The Meta Description is a short introduction to the page, sometimes called a ‘snippet’. It can be an expanded version of the page’s title and should include important keywords and make sense. Use whole sentences, not just a list of words, and 150-160 characters. It can be time-consuming to write a meta description for each page, so it is better to leave it blank, and let Google auto-create a Meta Description, rather than duplicating the text across many pages, which you may be penalised for.

At MXMG we build all our websites based on a CMS (Content Management System) so it is very easy to add a Meta Title or Description to a webpage, and we can provide expert advice about optimising your site for search engines.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

You probably know that increasing numbers of people use a mobile to access the internet. Four out of five smartphone users look at websites on their phones every day, according to this report published by the Internet Advertising Bureau in November 2014.

What you may not know is that Google has been sending notification warnings to webmasters whose websites are not ‘mobile-friendly’, highlighting “critical mobile usability errors” that may affect a site’s ranking if search results are not displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.

Back in November Google started using a mobile-friendly label that would promote websites as being more suitable for mobile-users, and there are rumours flying that they have recently released an algorithm update specifically for mobile search results.

You can test your website to find out if it is mobile-friendly using this Developers Tool on Google.

At MXMG we design websites that are responsive, optimised to be used across a variety of devices, including mobiles. That means that the content, images and structure of the site scales up and down, and is the same whether you are looking at it on a mobile phone or larger screen. But we can also help by recommending quick and simple changes to your existing website. Get in touch with us to find out more about making your website mobile-friendly.


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