MXMG take a technical and
research led approach to 
providing Internet Intelligence.

This starts with an assessment of your online objectives, and moves through developing the most effective design, marketing and commercial strategies to achieve them.

Web & mobile app development
16 years of developing apps and websites has taught us that creativity is important, but usability determines a project's success or failure.
SAAS Integration
There are a wealth of very useful web based tools out there, and we can help you make use of the best of them. Hubspot, Zendesk, Wrike...
SEO consultation on new builds & rebuilds
Ideally SEO will be built into a new website build plan. However, if your existing site is not being found, all is not lost.
Off-site content & link strategies
This can mean paid links, or more organic building of inbound links - great content that people will actually link to is the goal.
On-site content strategies
Helping seed the strategy and the topics to cover, advice for the writers, then proof-reading the articles, SEO tweaks and other ‘optimisation’ of the content.
AdWords optimisation
PPC campaigns require careful keyword and target research. Many current campaigns can be radically tightened and improved.
Website monitoring
Our monthly site monitoring service ensures your website stays in peak condition at all times.
Reversing Google ranking penalties
Your website may be subject to Google ranking penalties, applied for legacy actions like unnatural links created by 'old school' SEOs. We can reverse these.
Video for web
Web Video provides effective and long lasting content, and substantially enriches the user experience of your website.

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