MXMG work with organisations to harness the power of the internet; streamlining and enhancing their marketing, communication and business processes.

simple-websiteThis can mean building information rich, but intuitive websites...

...or more complicated web
based applications, for
example Y.CO LIVE, an
online yacht management

cms-websiteWe then work with clients to create and deploy high quality content, (e.g. blogs, e-Newsletters, web video), which underpins all successful web marketing, and creates all important authority and interest in your brand - a prerequisite for SEO success.

Web Video can provide you with very effective and
long lasting content, and can substantially enrich
the user experience of your website. Here's a short
promo we madeā€¦


...and here's a
longer one for

social-mediaWe are now able to leverage your authority and reputation to build audience and social networks through carefully managed social media campaigns. Our team of copywriters, social media and SEO experts means we can take care of as much of this activity as you require, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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